Community Support

Schools – Therapy & Assessments


Counselling bookings can be arranged in the clinic, kindergarten or school setting to support your students. Psycho-educational assessments and/or observations can also be provided in order to support:

 Individual Learning Plans
 KIS applications
 Funding applications and reviews – PSD, CEO & ISV
 Special Provision applications

School-based assessments include a full written report, as well as a feedback session with parents and teachers. 

Community Workshops


Our staff have conducted workshops and presentations for a number of community and educational groups. Professional Development can be arranged for your staff – either targeted for a specific group (e.g. Senior School staff), or on a systemic basis (e.g. full staff PD, Network Meetings). Topics can be flexible to meet the needs of your setting, and can include maintaining mental health, or specific areas of emotional, behavioural, social and academic development. Previous workshop topics have included:

 Unpacking Anxiety
 Puzzled by Autism 

 Understanding Learning Difficulties

 Supporting Students with Autism